Bilad Al-Sudan...

Bilad Al-Sudan...

"Bilad Al-Sudan: Essays on Islam, Africa and Afrocentricity" by Dr. Wesley Muhammad

About the Book

Bilad al'Sudan is a companion volume to Dr. Wesley Muhammad's groundbreaking work, Black Arabia and the African Origin of Islam. A collection of distinct essays written since the publication of Black Arabia, Bilad al-Sudan offers: Further evidence that the Arabs of the first Muslim community of 7th century Arabia were an Africoid people. A correction to the common, mistaken belief that the pre-Islamic Arabs were white and racist, as seen by their alleged treatment of Bilal, the Ethiopian Companion of the Prophet Muhammad. A refutation of recent Muslim attempts to defend the White Supremacist paradigm in Islam. A critical analysis of some Afrocentric discourse on Islam. An introduction to a new paradigm: Ma atic Islam. And more...

About the Author

Dr. Wesley Muhammad is an internationally recognized scholar of Islam and author of several books, including Black Arabia and the African Origin of Islam and God s Black Prophets: Deconstructing the Myth of the White Muhammad of Mecca and Jesus of Jerusalem. He holds a Bachelors Degree in Religious Studies from Morehouse College as well as a Masters Degree and PhD in Islamic Studies at the University of Michigan. Dr. Muhammad has taught Religious Studies and Islamic Studies at the University of Michigan, the University of Toledo and Michigan State University.

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    Author Dr. Wesley Muhammad
    ISBN 978-0983379737
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